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Plays: Opening the Door
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Plays: The Garden of Love
Plays: Hercules and the Augean Stables
Plays: Orpheus & Eurydice
Plays: Divorce Italian Style
Plays: James Bond: On the Edge of Nothing
Plays: The twelve Tasks of Asterix
Plays: Life of Brian
Plays: The Banquet
Plays: Showdown at the Hoedown
Plays: Venetia MDLV
Plays: Hollywoo
Plays: Bellhampton Hospital
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Our objectives

The primary objective of this course is to give you opportunities to improve your ability to communicate in spoken English; in other words, to improve both your speaking and listening skills. We do that by using techniques and activities similar to those used to train actors.

However, we don't memorise texts, we don't read texts aloud, and wedon't act out existing stories. What we do is explore a wide range of different situations in order to develop your creativity, spontaneity and fluency in expressing your own ideas.
We don't try to turn you into actors (although we can), but your acting skills will improve and you will enjoy the experience.

Because drama concerns the relationships between individuals and the people around them, we explore the conflicts, the characters, and the motives in a given situation in order to appreciate better why a particular situation has occurred and how our actions or behaviour might influence the consequences. You will able to use language and develop situations in an imaginative and creative way, and at the same time extend your vocabulary, deepen your knowledge of grammar, improve your pronunciation and intonation, and develop your resourcefulness, improvising abilities and strategies for communicating effectively in social and professional interactions.

Finally, because effective communication involves using both verbal and non-verbal language we'll also work on aspects such as body language, mime, facial expression and the use of space.

To wrap up the experience you'll be able to participate in our annual end-of-term theatre show!

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