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Plays: Divorce Italian Style
Divorzio all'italiana

An adaptation of Divorzio all'italiana (Divorce Italian Style), based on the film directed by Pietro Germi was performed on 30th June and 1st July 2010 at the Teatre Municipal d'Alboraia L'Agrícola, directed by David Perry. The play was performed again on 28th September at the UPV's School of Architecture.

Images of the play Download programme
The Crow Watch video recording


Don Calogero; Don Ciccio Matara; Ticket inspector Marcos Boscá
Woman of Agramonte; Schoolgirl; Mourner Nadia Campos
Sisina Loreto Crespo
Angela Carolina García
L'avvocato De Marzi Pablo Jovani
Historical and socio-cultural consultant Yemi Leonardi
Woman of Agramonte; Il Professore; Terranova's lover; Schoolgirl Mónica Marco
Il Parroco; Police officer; Sailor Juan Mas
Agnese Cefalù Gema Metallana
Carmelo Patanè Rubén Navarro
Rosalia Paola Olivares
Tia Fifidda Violeta Olmo
Mariannina Terranova; Immacolata Patanè Marta Pasquato
Ferdinando Cefalù David Perry
Matilde Cefalù

Montserrat Robles

Woman of Agramonte; Nun; Shop assistant; Mourner Lucía Sanjaime
Rosario Mulè Álvaro Vázquez
Don Gaetano Cefalù; Judge Chris Wright
Still photos; Language training Chiara Medici
Videos and sound recording Roberto Sanz
Production manager Ana Gimeno

David Perry


Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Alboraya

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