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Plays: Opening the Door
Opening the Door (click to see the brochure)

Opening the Door, by Claire Donohoe and David Perry, was performed at the Sala Palmireno of the Universidad de Valencia (Facultad de Geografía e Historia), on 31st May 2001.

Watch (poor quality) video recording.

Suzanna Williams, BiochemistSila Durán
Douglas French, Managing DirectorOscar Montiel
Philip Turner M.D.,
Deputy Director of The National
Centre for Drug Evaluation
Pablo Jovani
Brian Stone, Farmaceutical DirectorDanny Medina
Felicity Garton, JournalistMai Carrascosa
Hope, a cleanerMai Carrascosa
Julia Campton, Suzanna's Best FriendAna Mª Cardells
Reginald Black, NewscasterFernando Alvaruiz
Cheryl Scott, Suzanna's FriendSara Benet
Faith, a cleanerSara Benet
Matthew Williams, Suzanna's HusbandPepe Iserte
Giles Stern M.D., AuthorFortu Crespo
IRB Members and Press ReportersPepe Iserte
IRB Members and Press ReportersFortu Crespo
IRB Members and Press ReportersSara Benet
IRB Members and Press ReportersAna Mª Cardells
IRB Members and Press ReportersMai Carrascosa
Authors David Perry y Claire Donohoe
Assistant Director David Perry
Technicians Pep Sanchis y Carlos Calvo
Production Manager Ana Gimeno Sanz
Director Claire Donohoe

Copyright: Aula de Teatro en Inglés de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia