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Plays: The garden of love
The Garden of Love	(click to see the brochure)

On 17th and 20th May 2002, The Garden of Love, by David Perry was performed at the Sala Palmireno of the Universidad de Valencia (Facultad de Geografía e Historia).
  Images of the play    

Ms. Brown, Museum DirectorCarmen Mª Yeste Ruiz
Ms. Jones, Museum AssistantCristina Gil Gas
VisitorLaura Tolosa Fuertes
Leonidas, Knight of AthensRafael García Bartual
Diokles, Leonidas' oldest sonDaniel Ribes Ribes
Nikomedes (Nikos), Leonidas' youngest son Rubén Navarro Silva
Pamphilos, Leonidas' slave Roberto Sanz Requena
Hyrmina, Leonidas' slave & housekeeper Marta Martí Marques
Kallias, Knight of Crete & Friend/Partner of Leonidas Jorge Luís Peñalver Ramallo
Teophila, Kallias' daughterMª Carmen Guerrero Martínez
Zeus, Father of all Gods Josep Tornero Monserrat
Hera, Goddess of marriage & Guardian of married women María Férriz Mañas
Aphrodite/Timandra, Goddess of love and beauty Blanca García Haro
Phoebe, Aphrodite's nymph/Timandra's daughter Claudia Tierno Ros
Thief Josep Tornero Monserrat
Melissa, Accomplice of the thief & Timandra's housekeeper Laura Álvarez Fernández
Author David Perry
Technicians Pep Sanchís, Pablo Reig Rodrigo & José Martín Carbonell
Set design & Graphic design Laura Álvarez Fernández
Costume design Julia Zabala Delgado
Production manager Ana Gimeno Sanz
Director David Perry

Copyright: Aula de Teatro en Inglés de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia