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Who we are
Our objectives
Where, how & when
Images of the Workshop at work
Plays: Opening the Door
Plays: Manoeuvres
Plays: The Garden of Love
Plays: Hercules and the Augean Stables
Plays: Orpheus & Eurydice
Plays: Divorce Italian Style
Plays: James Bond: On the Edge of Nothing
Plays: The twelve Tasks of Asterix
Plays: Life of Brian
Plays: The Banquet
Plays: Showdown at the Hoedown
Plays: Venetia MDLV
Plays: Hollywoo
Plays: Bellhampton Hospital
Visit: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Who we are:

A description of the theatre workshop and what we do.

Our objectives:

Aims and goals.

When, how & when:

Would you like to join us?

Images of the workshop at work:

We have lots of fun. You can see that in these pictures.


These are the plays that we've produced so far.

Contact us:

Send us this form and we'll get in touch with you.

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