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Plays: Opening the Door
Plays: Manoeuvres
Plays: The Garden of Love
Plays: Hercules and the Augean Stables
Plays: Orpheus & Eurydice
Plays: Divorce Italian Style
Plays: James Bond: On the Edge of Nothing
Plays: The twelve Tasks of Asterix
Plays: Life of Brian
Plays: The Banquet
Plays: Showdown at the Hoedown
Plays: Venetia MDLV
Plays: Hollywoo
Plays: Bellhampton Hospital
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Who we are

The Theatre Workshop was created in 2001 by Ana Gimeno, David Perry and Claire Donahoe to teach English through theatre techniques.

Watch the video of the theatre workshop in action made by our talented friend Daniel Ribes.

For further information, you can also watch Ana Gimeno and David Perry being interviewed on UPV's television programmes, Politécnica Tal Cual and Polifutur. You'll definitely want to join the group after watching this!!


Politécnica Tal Cual 1st June 2012

Polifutur 4th March 2011

Politécnica Tal Cual 9th February 2011

Politécnica Tal Cual 7th October 2010



The Theatre Workshop has put together 14 stage performances, Opening the Door by Claire Donohoe and David Perry; Manoeuvres written by Claire Donohoe; The Garden of Love by David Perry; Hercules and the Augean Stables adapted by David Perry from F. Dürrenmatt's original idea; Orpheus & Eurydice and Divorce Italian Style adapted by David Perry; James Bond - On the Edge of Nothing co-written by The Crow Theatre Group; The Twelve Tasks of Asterix and Obelix written by David Perry and members of The Crow Theatre Group; Life of Brian, adapted to stage by David Perry from the original Monty Python film; The Banquet, Showdown at the Hoedown, Venetia MDLV, Welcome to Hollywoo(d) and Bellhampton Hospital for the Mentally and Criminally Insane. These last five plays were co-written by David Perry and The Crow Theatre Group. Furthermore, David Perry has attended and delivered theatre workshops in the Canary Islands, Finland, Belgium, Croatia, Greece and the USA. Additionally, Ana Gimeno and David Perry have also participated in the EU-funded Glottodrama Project, through which a new methodology has been designed to teach foreign languages through drama techniques. You can click on the Glottodrama menu item for further information and for access to several publications.

David Perry and Ana Gimeno have also participated in:

  • 1st International Conference on Performing Arts in Language Learning (PALL), Rome, October 2014
  • Primer Congreso Internacional de Glotodidáctica Teatral, Madrid, April 2015
  • Segundo Congreso Internacional de Glotodidáctica Teatral & Primer Festival Internacional de Teatro en Lengua Extranjera, Madrid, April 2016

The Crow Theatre Group performed The Good Servant, an adaptation of Giacomo Puccini's opera Gianni Schicchi, in the 1st International Foreign Language Theatre Festival in Madrid.

Click HERE to watch a summary video about the festival.



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